Tinted sunscreen. SPF 40 uva/uvb. Helps to prevent and reduce the damaging effects of the suns Ultraviolet light, including wrinkles and reactions associated with sun damage. $36


Prescription treatment to grow eyelashes making them thicker, longer and darker. 3mL $60

Dermalactives Elastin & Collagen Rejuvenation

Dermalactives uses superior formulas to create revolutionary age reversing treatments. Dermalactives is an innovative skincare company that produces products containing a special polymer that assists active agents in penetrating through the skin’s deepest layers delivering protein rich collagen and elastin. This advanced yet natural way of rebuilding and nourishing the lower dermal layers affects the skin from the inside out. A complete skin care line is available from Dermalactives, however, as a distributor, we have chosen to make available Dermalactives’ most superior treatments (and our favorites) at much more affordable prices than from We can get any product Dermalactives offers. Please ask us about any Dermalactives product you are interested in.


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